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We believe that physiotherapy cannot be defined exclusively in terms of types and forms of treatment. It is also much more than just “doing gymnastics” and “kneading”, as it is often called in the vernacular.

Physiotherapy rather sees itself as a holistic approach and is like every patient we meet: complex, individual, multi-faceted.

That is why we see it as our task:

Anna Klingelhöfer, Physiotherapeutin und Heilpraktikerin C316 Mannheim

As a physiotherapist, I take care of your pain and functional limitations that result from it. With the knowledge that I have acquired through my training as a non-medical practitioner, it is possible for me to look at your problems holistically. My claim is

Dennis Klingelhöfer, Physiotherapeut C316 Mannheim

The basis of my work is a combination of three building blocks that interlock and influence each other.

Whether it is pain, restricted movement or rehabilitation after an operation, understanding how the body behaves and “functions” in certain situations makes it easier to understand many things. It also helps you to cope better with certain conditions and to derive the greatest possible benefit from them.

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