Classical Massage Therapy in Mannheim

What is Classical Massage Therapy?

Classical massage therapy includes techniques to increase circulation with the aim of to relieve tension/hardening of the soft tissues and to eliminate or improve the resulting pain/restriction of movement. to eliminate or improve the resulting pain/restriction of movement.

For which complaints is classical massage therapy suitable?

Classical massage therapy is suitable for the treatment of painful conditions and The cause of this is cramped muscles/soft tissues. But also for headaches, after injuries, for relaxation, prevention and much more. classical massage is used.

How does a treatment with classical massage therapy work?

With the help of various soft tissue techniques and variable stimuli such as pressure, stretching or vibration, we try to activate as many cells as possible in order to support the body’s autoregulation. support.

What do I have to consider before and after a classical massage therapy?

If possible, painkillers should not be taken before the therapy to avoid suppressing the warning signal of pain. painkillers, if possible, to avoid suppressing the warning signal of pain. This can lead to misinterpretation of the misinterpretation of the findings and to misguided and exaggerated reactions during or during or after the treatment. Massage treatments should also be avoided immediately after procedures in the head or mouth area.

In some cases, an initial worsening can occur after a therapy session, as the body reacts to the body must first react adequately to the stimuli applied during the therapy.

Costs & Health Insurance

If you are covered by statutory health insurance and have received a prescription from your doctor, your health insurance pays. As a client, you only have to pay the prescription fee at your first appointment. first appointment. Our prices for privately insured persons and self-payers are based on the fee schedule for therapists (GebüTh). You are welcome to contact us at any time by telephone by telephone. You can find further information at

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