Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Mannheim

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to relieve congestion in oedematised soft tissues and to promote the removal of lymphatic fluid via the venous and blood circulation system.

For which complaints is manual lymph drainage suitable?

Manual lymphatic drainage is used for almost all symptoms that are accompanied by oedema. Causes for the so-called lymphoedema can be, for example, operations, injuries, scar tissue, irradiation, etc. Whereas lymphoedema is caused by congested vessels and disturbed drainage, lipoedema is caused by a disproportionate increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue. This diagnosis is also an indication for manual lymph drainage. lymph drainage.

How can I imagine a treatment with manual lymph drainage?

Gentle soft tissue techniques are used to stimulate the lymphatic flow and support the removal via the blood circulation system. Ideally, the manual lymphatic drainage should be followed by compression bandaging of the affected areas (usually arms and/or legs) with subsequent followed by movement in compression in order to stimulate the vessels and the lymphatic flow lymph flow in the best possible way.

What do I have to consider before and after a manual therapy?

If possible, painkillers should not be taken before the therapy to avoid suppressing the warning signal of pain. painkillers, if possible, to avoid suppressing the warning signal of pain. This can lead to misinterpretation of the misinterpretation of the findings and to misguided and exaggerated reactions during or during or after the treatment. After the treatment, there can often be an increased urge to urinate, since the stimulation of the vascular system the vascular system and the excess fluid in the tissue is excreted through the urine.

Costs & Health Insurance

If you are covered by statutory health insurance and have received a prescription from your doctor, your health insurance pays. As a client, you only have to pay the prescription fee at your first appointment. Our prices for privately insured persons and self-payers are based on the fee schedule for therapists (GebüTh). You can enquire about these at any time by telephone. You can find further information at

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