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My definition of personal training

Personal training is, as the name suggests, collaboration on a personal level. Training does not necessarily mean sport. In very general terms, training describes going through a process with the aim of bringing about change and development. However, not least because of the demonstrably positive effects on the entire organism, exercise is elementary and should always be a part of, or rather the basis for, this process.

The start for your personal training in Mannheim

Life is movement, movement is life.

Leonardo da Vinci already knew that movement is the most natural thing in the world and not for nothing one of the essential building blocks for the “functioning” of our organism. Movement improves our physique and also has a great influence on our psyche. Daily activity for our body is like going to our own medicine cabinet and getting a “personalised cocktail” of the body’s own mood-boosting, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances. This mix not only helps to activate the body’s self-healing powers, but also makes you feel physically fit and mentally fresh.

The path

Our everyday life is now mostly noisy, hectic and very fast-paced. E-mails and What’s app around the clock; buying, paying, rating, always and everywhere, analogue and digital; thoughts and worries about family, friends or job, and on top of that a thick cold, allergy or intolerance. There is a flood of stimuli and information on all channels. In order to maintain the body’s firewall, there are three characteristics that support us and are worth working on:

  • Flexibility – to be able to adapt quickly and adequately to the constantly changing physical and mental challenges.

  • Stability – provides equilibrium/balance and allows us to better withstand stresses that deviate from the norm.

  • Strength – makes it possible for us to consciously confront challenges on all levels (sporting goals, forward-looking decisions, personal developments and changes).

The goal

Goals are enormously important! Without them there is no reason, no drive and also no development. According to the “use it or lose it” principle (principle of decay if not used), standstill followed by regression and degradation of our physical as well as mental performance, the resilience of our immune system and not least the resilience of our entire organism would be the logical consequence.

What is your goal?

You want to do something for your health and fitness? Do you have to make difficult decisions at work and need a clear head? Or are you just looking for balance and someone to motivate and support you? Whatever drives you, let’s work on it together and let me support you on your path of change.

What exactly awaits you?

At the beginning there is a non-binding conversation. Here it is important to me that you have the opportunity to get a first impression of me and that we can exchange information about you, your expectations and goals.

If you decide to work with me, we will meet again in the second step for an anamnesis and body check.

During our anamnesis we will take a closer look at your goals, wishes and fears, but above all at your health history, your current lifestyle (sleeping, eating, working, stress etc.) and your previous sporting interests.

During the body check, the movement patterns and extent of the joints, the musculature and any existing interference fields (old injuries/scars) are examined under physiotherapeutic and neurovegetative aspects.

Furthermore, all data relevant to us such as

  • Body weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Circumference (by means of circumference measurements)
  • Body fat percentage (analysis by means of skin fold measurements (calipometry)).

How much does your training cost you?

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