Gymnastics in Mannheim

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is used for pain, movement and functional restrictions of various joints or soft tissues. It includes all measures of movement therapy/training and physical therapy. The treatment consists mainly of active units and is sometimes supplemented by passive techniques.

For which complaints is gymnastics suitable?

The scope of gymnastics is wide. We have specialised in the fields of orthopaedics / surgery and traumatology. These include, for example, acute/chronic back pain, irritations of joints or structures close to joints or also care after surgical interventions.

How can I imagine a treatment with gymnastics?

In our practice in Mannheim, a thorough and holistic anamnesis is the first priority for every form of therapy. Through an in-depth conversation and the corresponding functional we get an exact picture of your situation or problem. The knowledge gained from this, as well as therapy recommendations and strategies for overcoming and strategies for coping with/avoiding the problem and, together with your personal goals, are implemented in a therapy plan.

The therapy consists of a combination of active (movement training, metabolic activation, neuromuscular control) and passive measures, metabolic activation, neuromuscular control) and passive measures (e.g. mobilisation of joints, nerve mobilisation, transverse friction). Mobilisation of joints, nerve mobilisation, transverse friction). We also always take the current status of the autonomic nervous system both in our diagnosis and in our treatment.

What do I have to pay attention to before and after gymnastics?

If possible, painkillers should not be taken before the therapy in order not to suppress the warning signal of pain. This can otherwise lead to a misinterpretation of the findings and to misguided and exaggerated reactions during or after the treatment. In some cases, an initial worsening can occur after a therapy session, as the body must first react adequately to the stimuli set during the therapy.

Costs & Health Insurance

If you are covered by statutory health insurance and have received a prescription from your doctor, your health insurance pays. As a client, you only have to pay the prescription fee at your first appointment. Our prices for privately insured persons and self-payers are based on the fee schedule for therapists (GebüTh). You are welcome to contact us at any time by telephone. You can find further information at .

Where can you find us?

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