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Heilpraktik, alternative or complementary medicine is the counterpart to bio- / orthodox medicine. It sees the human being as a holistic construct and as part of nature. Thus, the aim is to activate and stimulate the body’s self-healing powers by means of a wide variety of naturopathic methods and therapies. The field of alternative healing practices is very large and ranges from millennia-old techniques such as traditional Chinese medicine to relatively newer methods such as homeopathy.

In our practice in Mannheim, the focus is on chronic pain, stress-associated diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and back pain, inflammation (silent inflammation), fatigue and burnout. Since our practice [C3 16]² offers both physiotherapy and alternative medicine, acupuncture, for example, can be used to complement manual or physiotherapeutic treatment.

In principle, the first appointment includes a detailed anamnesis. Here we get to know each other and you can explain to me your previous course of illness, everything to do with physical and psychological complaints. In addition, the focus here is on analysing your everyday life and lifestyle. This makes it possible to get a comprehensive picture of you and your health status. Furthermore, diagnostics including a physical examination will take place. Then the therapy planning begins. Based on your goals and ideas, we develop a concept consisting of different therapy measures.

Examples of therapy measures:

All naturopathic measures and therapies are self-pay services. In some cases, the private health insurance company reimburses a percentage. You can ask your insurance company about this at any time. You will be given my fee agreement to sign at your first appointment. In our practice, we attach great importance to the transparency of our prices.

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